For entertainment office users

For entertainment office users, we would like to recommend th management function that allows the agency to manage the people who belong to.
Here's a quick overview of what you can do with this feature.

Agent function

CLINKme has a "management function" that allows entertainment agency office to manage their Models&Talents.
You can create batch of new accounts for Models&Talents from the management screen, and you can easily create and edit pages without ID or password.


Features of Agent function

  • ・Completely free use of functions
  • ・No tedious work such as updating HP
  • ・Anyone can easily create website with CMS
  • ・Useful for access analysis and engagement research

What you can do with the Agent Function

  • ・ New and batch registration of accounts for affiliated Talent
  • ・ Edit the affiliated talent page
  • ・ Selection of operation authority on the management screen
  • ・ Edit agent office information and administrator information
  • ・ Analytics of affiliated talent page
  • ・ Exported / uploaded data in CSV
  • ・ Sort by renewal date / registration date / number of affiliated talents
  • ・ Check the image posted by talents in the "Image List"
  • ・ Check the PV count of the office (total number of all talents) and of the each talent
  • ・ Check of total revenue / office revenue / each talent revenue