About result reward type

CLINKme allows you to put a banner to introduce products on your Clinkme page or SNS by registering for the affiliate advertising service CLINK ( * 1).

In other words, you can get rewards with CLINKme while promoting corporate products and services.

people who looks at your page purchases the product or registers the service via the banner, you will get reward.

* 1 CLINK is a result reward type affiliate advertising service provided by CLINK Co., Ltd.

There is no need for screening ( * 2) to post advertising banner, so it can be posted immediately.

* 2 The expansion of advertising projects in the future, there might be needed screening process depends on ad type.

We will transfer the amount to the designated bank account.he end of the following month for the result of month.( * 3)

* 3 The minimum payment amount starts from 5,000 yen(excluding tax).
Unless you cancel the linkage of CLINK ,or withdrawal from CLINKme, you can take over the earning balance without expiry dates.

You can not only put a ad banner on your CLINKme page, but also get a product sample and introduce the project on your own SNS as "gifting service", and you can get a reward by purchasing / registering the product yourself as "self -affiliated" service.

All of the above are completely free!