Let's organize your links as like you!

Let's organize your links of SNS and websites with CLINKme. You can use stylish and plenty of designs for free.



CLINKme is a service that allows you to
organize your links of SNS and websites.
It will be easier to share,
and more people will be able to find it.

You can make your own website
different from other people for free with
plenty of design and flexible customization. CLINKme's all about you!

Plenty of design

Plenty of background images and design themes.
You can easily create a stylish website,
make a difference from other people!

Flexible customization

You can freely customize not only background images,
but also font types,
button shapes and colors,
so you can create your own unique website.

All functions are free

You can use all functions for free,
such as background images,
design themes, detailed customization,
and access analysis.

You can create your own website like this in no time!



Yes, all features of the service are free of charge.

Yes, you can use your own images for icons and backgrounds.
However, you cannot use the types of image prohibited on the guidelines.

You cannot create multiple websites with the same LINE account and email address.
If you want to create multiple websites, please create with different LINE accounts and email addresses.

You can change the "〇〇〇" part of https://clinkme.jp/〇〇〇 in the settings.
However, the domain part cannot be changed.

Make sure you are logged in in the same method as the registration.
If you are registered with LINE, you will log in with LINE account, and if you are registered with your email address, you will be logged in by e -mail address.

You may already sign in with another browser. Try accessing CLINKme with your usual browser.
For example, if you sign in with LINE account on Twitter's application while already sign in on Safari, an error occurs. In this case, please open Safari and you will be able to log in correctly.

After logging in, you can delete your account in the settings.
If you delete account, all data will be erased.